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Available in the following colours:
Blue – SEB001
Red – SEB002
Green – SEB003
Purple – SEB004
Orange – SEB005

An effective tool amplifying the whisper of sounds and words… for amazing results! Mistakes are heard and then rectified…

Recommended for all ages, especially learners in Foundation Phase (it is best to grasp reading, sounds and spelling at an early age).

It is highly recommended for learners with learning difficulties: concentration, speech and hearing difficulties, Central Auditory Processing Disorder and dyslexia.

The benefits of the Sebezaphone/Whisper phone:

• Assisting in the mastering of phonics and reading comprehension.
• User-friendly and fun for learners and teachers.
• Captivating the attention and interest of learners and improving concentration.
• Empowering learners and increasing enthusiasm.
• Lowering the noise level of the classroom and increasing teacher control.

Teachers can give individual attention to each learner in a more controlled and disciplined environment. The learners can work individually or can be divided into groups and given different colour phones to whisper into, making it easier for the teachers to recognize the different groups.

Sebezaphones are made by physically disabled individuals from the Chaeli Foundation (South Africa).

Please watch the video to get a better idea of what the Sebezaphone does and how it works.

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